Maqam Lego Experience

With Qanun Virtuoso & Maqam Mentor Maya Youssef
In partnership with

12 to 16 June 2023

Learn the basics of maqam with a proven system which allows you to recognise maqam by ear and take the first steps towards playing a taqsim.
It’s as easy as lego!
I'll never share your email & you can unsubscribe anytime :)
I'll never share your email & you can unsubscribe anytime :)
I am known as the world’s top mentor for

Musicians, qanunists, dancers and Arabic music lovers who want to master maqam & the art of taqsim.

If you are looking to start learning maqam and taqsim I can help you get to the next level without boring music theory and the good news is that you don’t need any prior music knowledge.
The dire lack of systems in Arabic music is the reason why I created proven methodologies and laws so you can access and experience the language of Arabic music AKA maqam in any way you want!

I don’t do this often, so If you stumbled upon this page, it's your lucky day as I have this amazing experience coming up.

Here Is What We Will Cover In The Free 5-Day Live Video Series:

Day 1

On day 1, I will uncover the core unit of Arabic Music: The Maqam Building Block (or the sonic Lego piece). 

If you think of maqam as a language, the maqam building block is the alphabet from which you can build musical ‘words’ and ‘sentences’ just like building Lego! It all starts with the building block.

Day 2

Meet the 9 building blocks that create 99 percent of Arabic music.

Each of these 9 core building blocks have their unique character which we will get to know.

Day 2

Day 3

Learn how to embody the maqam the organic way

On this day, we are going to get the building blocks under your skin in the exact same way as Umm Kulthum, Abdul Wahab, Farid and all the big stars of Arabic music. It's all about training your ears.

Day 4

Learn how to build a maqam. Just like Lego! I will show you exactly how you can build the most famous maqam in Arabic music using Lego.

Day 4

Day 5

Learn how to modulate i.e: switch Lego pieces. On the final day you will have a foolproof step to modulate between building blocks in an authentic way. 

Hear From Students Who Did The 5- Day Live Maqam Lego Experience

Rana Ben Azzouza
Qanun Player (France)
Fizah Kay
Oud player (Singapore)
Tonya Wren Dancer/Arabic Music Lover (USA)
Ellen Mullen
Qanun Player/Arabic Music Lover (USA)

Why Listen To Me?

I am a Syrian classically trained musician. (and yes I studied and grew up there). After playing qanun professionally for 30 years, I taught in universities in Oman and the UK and I have helped 100s of students from all over the world learn qanun maqam and taqasim from scratch

As a composer and a professional performer, I have been dubbed by the BBC as 'Queen of The Qanun'. I performed all over the world, won prestigious awards and my work has been featured at Classic FM, Financial Times..etc which helped me reach 1000s of qanun and maqam students all over the world.

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