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A 23 step by step system to Maqam & Taqsim

The fastest and easiest way to learn maqam without any music theory or any prior training!

Maqam is as simple as Lego!
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I'll never share your email & you can unsubscribe anytime :)


If we haven't met, I'm Maya. I'm passionate about helping you efficiently learn maqam & taqsim, cutting down on the time it takes by years.

Almost daily, I hear from people struggling with Maqam.

Over my 30+ year journey, I've developed a revolutionary visual method using Lego to teach Maqam and uncovered 23 principles that can empower anyone, regardless of their musical background, to begin or enhance their understanding of Maqam and Taqasim.

Whether you're a pro or amateur Arabic music enthusiast, dancer, or musician aiming to recognize Maqam by ear, understand the shift in your favorite songs, play an authentic Taqsim, and enhance your connection to Arabic music, this guide is for you.

I guarantee you that this guide will answer many questions you have and will give you a clear understanding of how Arabic music works like never before.

In this 23 page insight- packed guide, you will discover:

1- My signature Maqam Building Block System which will help you learn the core structure of a maqam and how to build a maqam with Lego (all in a clear language that anyone can understand)

2- How to recognise maqam by ear (without any boring music theory and even if you never received any musical training)

3- Umm Kulthum’s and Sabah Fakhri’s hack to learn maqam. This is the exact method used by Umm Kulthum, Abdul Wahab, Sabah Fakhri and all the great ones of Arabic music, so you too can get maqam under your skin.

4- How to build a maqam. Just like Lego! I will show you exactly how you can build the most famous maqam in Arabic music using Lego.

5- How to switch maqam in taqasim i.e: switch Lego pieces, so you can modulate authentically in your taqsim.

6- The biggest mistakes when learning Maqam and what to do instead.

7- And many more tips and tutorials that will save you years of trial and error and shrink the notorious 20-30 years time needed to learn maqam and taqsim all while having fun along the way.

Why Listen To Me?

Hello I am Maya

I am a maqam & taqsim mentor passionate about helping Arabic music enthusiasts go from zero to playing an authentic taqsim in a fraction of time it takes by traditional methods. I have created the first and the only revolutionary comprehensive step by step system which helps my students effortlessly recognise maqam by ear, deeply understand how it works and easily play an authentic taqsim which expresses their feelings and wow their audience.

All without needing any formal maqam or theory training.
The BBC dubs me’ Queen of the Qanun’ and I am an internationally renowned performer and a composer. I toured and sold out the world’s top venues, won prestigious awards and accolades for my work which enabled me to reach 100s of students from all over the world and helped them recognise maqam by ear in seconds, understand how it works and play the dream taqsim in mere months…

I am Syrian British and I have been classically trained since I was 8 years old. I truly believe that music is one of the most powerful tools to heal the world.

Whether you are seeking to play a taqsim for your own joy or to share it on stage, I am so excited to show you the roadmap to playing your dream taqsim in few months! 
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