Thank you for joining the Maqam Lego Experience!
 I’m so excited for you :)
Before you leave this page I have something special to help you learn one of the key pillars of Arabic music: Ornamentation.
In Arabic music, ornamentation is not optional. It’s an absolute must! In fact, you will be considered completely inauthentic if you skip it.

In the process of helping 100s of musicians from all over the world learn Arabic music, I uncovered the Laws of Ornamentation which will ensure you sound authentic when you incorporate Arabic music in your performance regardless of what instrument you play.

I share all of this inside the Laws of Ornamentation training.
Here is what we will cover inside the training:
  • What is ornamentation and why is it important?
  • Ornamentation rules: Key practices to help you sound authentic.
  • Biggest ornamentation mistakes to avoid. 
  • ​Key ornamentation techniques that work for every instrument.
  • ​How to interpret Arabic music scores. 
  • ​How to play one melody in at least 5-10 different ways. 
  • ​Ornamentation for Maqam Building Blocks.

              And more. 
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