The Maqam Lego Masterclass Bundle
5 hour Masterclass which will show you how to learn the basics of maqam and recognise maqam by ear without boring music theory and even if you don't play an instrument or have zero music training.
The Maqam Lego Masterclass Bundle

5 hour Maqam Lego Masterclas to help you learn Maqam, recognize Maqamat by ear, and gain essential skills for Taqsim… (All without needing any prior musical knowledge or boring theory!)

perfect for maqam beginners pros and everything in between. (Valued £1000)
#Bonus 1:
1 hour pre recorded Maqam Q&A with Maya (Valued £197)
#Bonus 2:
Laws of Ornamentation Training: This 90 minute training will help you embellish and ornament your performance authentically in alignment with Maqam. It will also show you the biggest ornamentation mistakes so you can avoid them. (Valued £297)
#Bonus 3:
How to Recognise Maqam by Ear Training: This 90 minutes training will give you foul proof tools to help you recognise Maqam by ear so you can guess the maqam of your favorite tunes within seconds! (Valued £297)
Total Value: £1791
So you know a little more…
Hi I am Maya..
I'm a high level Qanun & Maqam mentor who helps Arabic music lovers musicians, and dancers of all levels who share a passion for Arabic music. I help my students effortlessly recognise Maqam by ear, deepen their connection with Arabic music and ultimately perform a taqsim. All without any boring music theory

My signature approach helps my students learn maqam, visually (with Lego) and organically through getting maqam under your skin, building maqam, and understanding the unique character and behaviour of each maqam.

I have over 3 decades experience with Arabic music as an internationally acclaimed multi-award winning musician and composer. I am recognised as an ‘Exceptional Talent’ by the UK government. I have been dubbed by the BBC as 'Queen of The Qanun', performed all over the world, sold out shows, won prestigious awards and my work has been featured in the international press.

I taught Maqam in universities in Oman and the UK and I have helped 100s of students from all over the world from all cultural backgrounds cut down the time it takes to drastically decrease the time it takes to learn maqam and taqsim compared to traditional methods. 

Home currently is in London UK. I was born in Syria which is where I lived for most of my life and where I was classically trained. I am lucky to have soaked up the rich and ancient musical heritage of my homeland and to be able to pass on this ancient heritage to everyone who loves it.
Many Arabic music lovers, dancers and musicians asked me how to actually apply this knowledge in their practice of Arabic music. 

So I know the answer wasn’t in more information. I had to show maqam students how to use it and implement it.

 And the results were amazing!I know you would want that for yourself.
Here's just some of what I'm going to be showing you.
The fastest and easiest way to learn Maqam: The Maqam Lego or as I call it the Maqam Building block. If you think of maqam as a language,the maqam building block is the alphabet of Arabic music and therefore is the foundation and the heart of Arabic music.

The most important notes in Maqam so that you can pay attention to those anchors when you are listening or playing a taqsim.

How to recognise Maqam by ear. It all starts with getting maqam under your skin aka: embodying it in the exact same way as Umm Kulthum, Abdul Wahab, Farid and all the big stars of Arabic music.

My signature process to build the most famous maqam in Arabic music with Lego. (you will never hear Arabic music in the same way ever again!)

How modulation works and how to switch from maqam to another. My foul proof process to switch maqam.

And more!
Hear practical examples of how maqam works in famous tunes. 
An entire bonus training session to help you recognise Maqam by ear!

Since 2019, I have helped 100s of Arabic music lovers FINALLY understand how Arabic music works in a very easy to understand and accessible way!

And in this masterclass, I will give you everything you need to start with maqam or deepen your understanding of it in a way you have never experienced before!

The current way to learn Maqam is broken!
Here is why. Most people start their maqam journey by using the wrong tools! They tend to:
  • Read a ton of maqam books
  • ​Apply Western music theory to grasp maqam.
  • ​Focus on theory vs understanding how the music actually work
But the problem with this approach is that it simply doesn’t work for Arabic music due to one key truth:
Arabic music is an aural tradition that needs to be embodied. AKA: Getting it IN the body!

If you think of it, the giants of Arabic music like Umm Kulthumm, Abdula Wahab, Abdul Hamil did NOT

X Go to conservatories!
X Study music theory
X Or read maqam books!

They embodied music ….organically!

so trying to understand arabic music based on theory alone simply won’t work and wastes YEARS of your precious time which you can’t afford to lose!
The really good news
is that you can:

  • Save YEARS of effort in understanding maqam.
  • Understand how Arabic music works ….within days.
  • FINALLY recognise maqam by ear and start to grasp how taqsim works.
What you need is a proven layered method where you do the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time.

Who is the Maqam Lego Masterclass for?
  • Arabic music lovers, musicians and dancers who want to understand how music works ( whether you are a pro , a beginner or anything in between)
  • ​Performers who wish to improve their overall Arabic music performance.
  • ​Musicians who want to start with Arabic music, deepen their understanding of it or gather the first tools for taqsim. 
  • ​Dancers who wish to improve their connection to Arabic music.
  • ​Visual learners who want to learn maqam in a fun visual way.
  • ​Those allergic to music theory and big tedious books and who want to start to gain immediate understanding and start to see results straight away. 
Do I need to be able to play a musical instrument to take this Masterclass?
No you don’t. All you need is your voice:)
How is the masterclass delivered?
Once you register you will get instant access to the replay recording of the 5 hour masterclass , the 1 hour Q&A and the ear training audio resource so you can start learning straight away.
Do I need to know music theory before I take this Masterclass?
Absolutely not!
For how long do we get access to the materials and recording?
Once you purchase, you have lifetime access.
For how long do we get access to the materials and recording?
Once you purchase, you have lifetime access.
Who do I contact if I have questions?
Write to us at
Is there any 1-1 access to Maya in this program?
No. This is an online self study course which gives you the very best entry into the world of Maqam. If you want my help in applying this through personalized feedback and support from me, feel free to explore other ways to work with me here or by filling this short application form I will then personally contact you to explore how I can support you. 
P.S: This is not an ordinary Masterclass!
Check out the results from Arabic music lovers and dancers like you who worked with me
If you are ready to go from feeling like maqam is a mission impossible to FINALLY recognising maqam by ear within seconds
This masterclass is going to give you immediate understanding and clarity in a way you have never experienced before!

In fact, Arabic music has never been taught with this clarity and accessibility….ever!

Why Listen To Me?

I work with Arabic music lovers, musicians and dancers who are ready to master maqam so they can ultimately deepen their connection with Arabuc music and perform an authentic taqsim. 

I am the creator of the Maqam Building Block system which saved 100s of students all over the world 20-30 years which they would have spent using traditional methods. Through my career spanning over 30 years performing and composing, my work was featured in international press which allowed me to reach 100s of maqam students all over the world and help them access the magic and joy of Arabic music. 

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